Who We Are

6Maker is a platform dedicate to the multimaterial tools and experiences for the makers and professional.

We are a team with two goals :  spread the innovation and make available all the tools to use them.

We tried our best to find directly the information to print in Multimaterial with our tools and others Maker tools.

Library of experience per material

You have in one place an experience management tool in order to simply find all the informations to success your Dual 3d Printing.     not yet 🙂

Training Support

We also organise the Attend a Newcomer Training. We give you the tools and training needed to set you up for success.

One place for your hardware

We ensure one place to manage the shop and the hardware explanations. “Yes, it’s wotk !”

Fair remuneration

We want to support upgrade kit creators made by others makers. Contact US!

Quality results Included

You get all of our best in hardware and software test to be sure to success your 3D printing with your printer and your hardware.

One Market place

You will find here all the product to upgrade your printer in dual material. ( In case of your hardware printer is compatible)


Bobinet’s history:

Once upon a time, a small team of 3 guys who wanted to develop a new 3D print head and they had to often change their rolls to do several tests with their prototypes “Dual_Balance”. This was not easy at all without being able to see the introduction of the thread into the feeder. This is where the idea came from, to put the engine and the extruder on another support to enhance the integration and see the possible problems of loading (and there were many of theem :-))

Friends who print with us then used our bobinet to manage their own rolls of thread. After this, they did not want to separate from them anymore, which is why we decided to offer them to you.