Firmware Double Bobinet Ultimaker

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Create Date 17 June 2018
Last Updated 31 October 2018

Your extruder already present on your machine must be the same as the one on the ultimaker Bobinet. For this firmware, we have chosen the white extruder Ultimaker 2+ for its greater reliability than the black extruder present on the first generation.

This firmware allows the control of two white Ultimaker 2+ extruders " AXIS_STEPS_PER_UNIT {80.0,80.0,200,369}  ".

You must have added the following items to complement those already present on your 3D printer:

  • A second temperature sensor identical to the one already present on your machine.

  • A second heating resistor identical to that already present on your machine.

  • A second olsson block to fix the probe N ° 2 and the resistance N ° 2

  • And a second nozzle.

Here is an example of mounting with two nozzles on an ultimaker head 2: