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Oooh the beautiful bobbin equipped with super extrude Bondtech!

Our Bondtech Bobbin can support a roll with a diameter of up to 200mm and a thickness of 100mm with a 1.75mm plastic thread.

A lot of the bad impressions is caused by nibbling the thread in the extrude or because of a bad unwinding of your thread on your reel that is hidden behind your machine!

Our system will ensure you a reliable and long-lasting maintenance of your roll as well as an effort on your most important wire from the extruders market due to the use of two rollers of the Bondtech BMG extruder.
Our Bondtech Bobinet which is guaranteed for 5 years also ensures you a very low pulling effort to unwind your reel (less than 0.5 N).


You now have the opportunity to master with great precision the traction of your wire which is essential when you want to print at high speed

This introductory price is valid for the first 500 customers of a Bondtech Bobinet.

This operation will allow those who trust us to have an economic advantage of around 20 to 30% of the final sales price.

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 34 × 22 × 30 cm


3D printer

Compatible with all desktop 3D printers: Ulitmaker, MicroDelta…..


Compatible Wire with 1.75 mm

Roll spec

maxi 200mm x 100mm / Mini 100 mm x 100mm


Stepping Motor of nema 17 17hs4401n brand


Bondtech BMG

Extruder Cover

opaque cover

steps per mm

With ultimaker 2+ and his firmware use a value of 415 steps per mm
With ultimaker 2+ and his firmware Tinker use a value of 415 steps per mm.