Step by Step Installation

How does it work?

The idea is to update a 3d printer very quickly with a second Extruder. When you want to test many materials, you often have to check and or manage your new thread, that’s why we designed la Bobinet!!
After many prototypes and tests on our ultimaker, we found a reliable version. In order to really see what the state of the wire is, we produced a transparent cover of the Extruder Ultimaker 2. Now you can finally see it!
The Bobinet is very simple to assemble and expandable to add a new feeder on many 3d printers.

If you want to test our Bobinet on your own 3d printer, do not hesitate to contact us because we offer a Bobinet for any example of mounting a spoolt on another printer than Ultimaker.

You want to use a spool with Extruder:
This is the modus operandi. You will need to remove the protection from the electronic card on the underside and disconnect the Power Motor Connector number 1 (rated “E1”).

After this, you connect the new Spoolt Power motor connector to “E1”. And that’s it!

If you need more information you can find a lot of tutorial on the web like for example from this page: https://fbrc8.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115004169503-Electronics-Board-UM2-Ext-Go

You want to go further? So come join the multi-materials movement Maker by upgrading your 3d printer to Dual mode!

Dual mode allows you to print with two types of materials at the same time. Here is the “bassic” list of the upgrades needed for Dual mode:

1 Add a second nozzle to your printer head (i.e. another heat cartridge and temperature sensor)

2 Add a second feeder (the same as the one you already have, it’s simpler to get your hands:))

2.1 This is where we offer our help with la Bobinet Ultimaker or Bondetch

3 Load a new Dual firmware to manage both nozzles.

3.1 You can download here our Dual firmware which is based on the thinker firmware.

Our Bobinet will be a great help for your upgrade in Dual mode.

-You already have a Extruder, we can offer you Bobinet Classic

-You want a complete product? Then la Bobinet Ultimaker 2 or Bondtech will be made for you.

The installation of our products is very simple and fast. In 30 min months you can useyour our spool on your printer.

Take the time to understand the dismantling operation explained above. You will then see the connector dedicated to the Power Motor number 2 (like E2) and connect the Spoolt connector to this connector. Pull up the hood and that’s it! the connection operation of your new extruder is complete!

All you have to do is update your firmware. For this you can go to our download page (6Maker/support/download). You can also download others firmware on the web that allows the management of two extruders.

Our firmware has been tested on a Ultimaker 2 + and Ultimaker 2GB with heating plate. It was made from the Tinker version which allows for a more fine control of both extruder.

If you need more information to connect a new loader to your 3d printer as a ultimaker example, you can follow this link on the extrusion upgrade page of the Ultimaker Web page: https://ultimaker.com/fr/products/ Extrusion-Upgrade-kit

La Bobinet has been tested for over a year and a half by two professional 3d printing companies.
Moreover, in a few months we will introduce a new system to update the head of your printer to help you discover with us the new possibilities of printing in multi-materials mode!

If you have any questions or want to add information about this article, do not hesitate we are here!

See you soon.

Team 6Maker