The most Uselful KIT for your roll

Now you can control and check you wire very fastly with the BOBINET product. The bobinet is also available with many roll and wire diameter.The ability to accommodate rollers is 200mm of diameter and 100mm of thickness.

The bobinet was built and design in France in order to simplify the access to the roll and to simplify the upgrade operation of your printer in case of you want to join the multi material makers!

This design was invented in funny case because at the present time we’re studing a dual header and we needed to control check and modify many often times our rolls and our material, that why we have study this tools. After the first prototype we noticed that it was sometimes difficult to introduce the wire in the feeder and to control it’s state.

That’s why we imagine this transparent casing on the front of the feeder. Now it’s clear!

Many friend who working withs us used this tools to manage there rolls so that’s the raison we decided to offer it to you.

This solution can be used for many case:

1 You want to change and to see you rolls, you can buy the Bobinet Classic.

2 You want to used your own feeder ? no problem, the Bobinet Classic is compatible with ultimaker feeder and Bondtech feeder.

3 You want a second extruder but you don’t want to disassembling your 3d Printer? No problem you can use the Bobinet with the feeder already assembling.

The Bobinet is offer with option like assembling or not in order to offer the low price as possible but also to help maker who don’t have the time to assembling it.