How does it Work?

The idea is to updating a 3d printer with a second feeder very fastelly. When you want to test many materials you often need to check or manage your new wire that’s why we designTHE BOBINET!!

After many prototype and tests on our ultimaker we have found a reliable version. In order to see really what is the status of the wire, we have produce a transparent cowl of the Ultimaker 2 feeder. NOW you can SEE it!

The Bobinet is very simple to assembly and upgradable to add a new feeder on many 3d printer.

You want to use one Bobinet with feeder :

You will need to remove the electronic board protect on the below and disconnect the feeder motor Connector Number 1 (Like “E1”).

After that, you connect the new connector of the Bobinet feeder motor on “E1”. That’s it!

If you need more information you can find many tutoriel on the web like for exemple from this page:

You want to come in the multi-material maker!
You are ready to upgrade your printer in dual? The Bobinet will be a great help to do this.
– That’s very simple and not expensive solution! You just need to buy a second bobinet. You can buy a Classic version if you have already your own feeder or you can buy a Bobinet Ultimaker 2 or a Bobinet Bondteck product.

– If you need more information to connect a new feeder on your 3d printer as exemple ultimaker, you can follow this link on the ultimaker web page extrusion upgrade Kit:

– Take your time to understand the disassembling operation. You will see the connector dedicate to the feeder motor number 2 (like E2) and you will connect the Bobinet connector to this connector.

You need to Upgrade your firmware like on our download page (6Maker/download) or other firmware in Dual extruder. Our firmware has been tested on ultimaker 2+ and it’s made on the tinker version.

The Bobinet has been testing for over 1.5 years from now with a two professinal compagny of 3D printing service.

By the way, in a few month, we will present to you a new system to upgrade your printer’s head in order to help you to come with us in the multi material world!